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My name is Maria Aurora Linde , I am happily married and deeply grateful mother of Alexia Maria (born 2008). As a teacher with many years of good experience and Montessori training, I love people and respect freedom as the highest good.


Through my yoga practice, healer formation, systemic constellation work according to Dr. Renate Wirth, Birth into Being, beautiful tantric seminars and liberating self-training seminars with emotional and physical work, I have been able to work my own way of life. Through this I have found my calling: the way of healing, freedom and joy.


In Switzerland at Lake Constance and in other cities, I offer with great joy and gratitude systemic constellation work, life energy massages, YoniPowerHealing, soul coaching, Power of Love Coaching and energy treatments with healing frequencies. I am very happy to lead women workshops in Romanshorn, to accompany women of all ages in their feminine vitality, power and relaxed femininity.


I am heartily happy to accompany you in your highest awareness and full dedication to your journey of discovery to yourself. It makes me deeply grateful and happy to share all my experiences and the abundance of love with you.



I am looking forward to meeting you!



My life vision is a new women's movement that calls us women worldwide to raise our Goddess in us. She invites you, wonderful woman, to look deep inside yourself. It is a divine call to heal your inner woman. The female elemental power of the woman has been suppressed for too long by the patriarchal system. The woman has been held down by male authorities for centuries, if not millennia. Today' s new woman does not want that anymore. Her longing is to see herself in her beauty again, to love herself and to find her inner peace again. The Goddess in you now awakens and remembers: she is pure love and purest light.



I, Maria Aurora Linde, am a kind hearted woman who wants to help shape this world to a much better place. I love the people and even as a little girl I had my sun in my stomach, as my dear mother used to say in the past. As a child I wanted to shine my unconditional love and my light into the world. But for many, many years this was not really possible. Today I feel that I probably was not ready for so many years to live my soul task. Nevertheless, I realize that all the experiences that I have gained on my way are valuable pieces of the puzzle of the whole. I' m so thankful for every single particle. The challenges and trials that I have been put on my way have been my greatest gifts. On the way to the return and healing of my femininity, I realized that the most worthful treasures were hidden where I was most afraid, where I felt most overwhelmed, where I did not want to look at first.



My way was a rocky road, as most of us know it. We are light and love beings, who want to make human experiences here on earth. We can now remember who we really are.



With my great vision of life GODDESS POWER HEALING I want to remind you, dear women, how unique and divine you are, a marvel of creation.


GODDESS reminds you of your divine spark, your inner diamond that is in you. It´ s time for us to make this shine. In my vision, I want to reactivate the consciousness of the Goddesses, which has unfortunately been forgotten over a long period of time in our world history. We women want to experience and live the embodiment of unconditional love in the form of a new culture of love. The Great Goddess calls us women on our earth to join us in true love and return together to our femininity and to live happily and fulfilled as a woman in the Golden Age. Let' s listen humbly to the arrival of the Great Goddess in the world through each and every one of us women.



Namasté, I honor and respect the Divine in you!



POWER reminds you of your original female power in you. You have a unique potential in you. You came to earth with many gifts and talents. We long to carry those treasures that exist within us into the world and give them to others. I want to remind you that now is the time to come into your self-responsibility and self-empowerment and to live your good life in ease, in joy and in your true greatness. 


With POWER I also mean this magic lifepower which is hidden in our sacred sexual energy. We women have been cut off this sexual energy from ourselves since many centuries. It` s time now, that we reactivate this divine creative power inside us. Women are coming together worldwide in sacred circles to feel the Divine Power and the connection with our Mother Earth Gaia. Because this power is pure vibrating life energy.    


HEALING means to me being whole. It´s my heartfelt concern that we women and men in this new age live healthy, happy and fulfilled. The time has come for us women to find back into our true femininity. It is about the return and healing of femininity in us humans. We have two main energies on our planet: fear and love. In every second of your being, you have the choice of choosing between this lowest vibration fear or the highest frequency love. Healing happens in my opinion through this wonderful power, called unconditional love. 

Love is the greatest amazing energy that can transform anything dark, such as resentment, hate, envy, separation, ego within and around us. If we want to live healthily, then we women and men of the new age now recognize and transform our shadow topics. The time of salvation has come. It is your personal decision to heal your old wounds, to decide on self-love and choose unconditional love now in your life. Be yourself the wonderful healer, you have always been. Remember the bright magic in you...


With my brand GODDESS POWER HEALING I want to say to the world as a courageous, powerful and lightful goddess, that we can change the world together from a new, lived WE. All that is required is a YES from our ego to our new WE, which is now possible on this planet in this transforming time. My life vision is great, because I always liked to dream big. I invite you to think and act "unlimited" from today on.



Live your dreams, do not dream your life!



With GODDESS POWER HEALING I would like to wholeheartedly convey my valuable experience as Awareness Coach, Body Mind & Soul Therapist, Retreat Leader and Speaker. I see myself as an ambassador of the New Age for a new consciousness on earth. Our planet wants to ascend to the fifth dimension, our Earth Gaia needs us more than ever. We women are therefore allowed to come to self-responsibility and let go of our old energies. These include the victim role, the perpetrator role, the role of the savior and overall I call it the old drama triangle game. We are now co-creators and decide now. I opted for the creator mode years ago and have deliberately passed the survival mode in my life. That was a clear decision that I made with my free will. How do YOU beautiful Goddess want to live? Does your inner voice call you to follow now?


My heart vision is about to accompany women worldwide in their feminine power and true size. I wish to spread and teach a new love culture in this world together with beautiful soulsisters and heartbrothers of mine. Our longing is love, inner peace and shine our the light on our beautiful planet earth. It´ s our birthright to be happy and healthy.  


Maria Aurora Linde


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